Senior Capstone Project: Water Quality Project

The main objective of this project was to develop a cost-effective alternative to remove¬†radioactive material from the drinking water of the Cedar Gulch community in western South Dakota. To complete the design work, the professional chapter of EWB – Northern Virginia provided professional input throughout the year-long project. During the preliminary stages of the project, three alternatives were considered to remove the radioactive particles in the water: (1) point-of-use filter, (2) water treatment plant for the community, and (3) connect to city water. After a cost, efficiency, and feasibility analysis, it was determined that the point-of-use filter was the best option, in consequence, it was the recommendation of our design team as well as the EWB – Northern Virginia Chapter. In order to fulfill the class requirements, the design of the water treatment plant for the community was completed. The final result consisted of a purification system with an ion exchange system to remove the radioactive material and chlorination to remove any contaminants from the water. Additionally, the design of a water storage tank was conducted to solve the communities with limited water storage capacity. The project still in working progress and construction was not in the project’s scope. The Engineering Corps program and EWB – Northern Virginia will continue the work in Cedar Gulch, SD. Attached is a presentation the capstone team created to present in class, feel free to look at it and contact me with any comments.