Project Engineer


Employment Details: 

Position: Project Engineer

Company: DLK Engineering

Dates: June 2018 – Present.

As a project engineer with DLK Engineering, the main duties included the assistance with structural engineering and drafting tasks for residential structures. The scope of work included the design of gravity and lateral components such as beams, columns, foundation, and shear walls using current residential building codes such as ASCE, IBC, and IRC. Other responsibilities included coordination with architects and production of structural drawings to ensure a smooth and effective flow of the project. Completed material efficient design oriented towards minimizing the amount of framing and foundation materials in residential homes for lower construction costs. Other duties include preliminary cost estimating/budgeting and site visits. While working at DLK, personal skills such as excellent organization, time management, and communication skills as well as the ability to adapt to change while working on multiple projects at the same time were developed.


Structural Engineering, wood, steel, and concrete design and analysis, foundation engineering, residential and commercial buildings, non-building structures, Microsoft Office, finite-element modeling, RISA 2D, AutoCAD, Forte, critical thinking, communication.