What Is Our Plan?

As humans, we have always compare ourselves with someone else. But what if we are called to become our own self? What if we are called to become Saints for the good of humanity? What will you do to get there?

There have been many perspectives on what good is, but I believe there is only one truth, regardless of your religious beliefs. We are called to fill this earth with goodness, love, passion, courage, and more for the good of all of us. Simply living our own life won't cut it anymore, we must strive for greatness within us. Each and every one of us has a mission on earth, we must not ignore it, we should become what we are destined to become, Saints. 

I want to see a change in the world and I know that the change must start with a change within me. My story is messy, but somehow I am glad it is messy because it has made me realize who I want to be. We frequently see evil in the world and we often tend to look away from it. With a new year beginning, is time to look back at 2017 and evaluate how we can make 2018 better, what we need to improve, and how can we impact our generation.

Over the next few weeks, I will be looking back into my life to learn more about my mission on earth and what I am destined to accomplish. I want to invite you to do the same, examine your conscience and make a plan to achieve your goals. I am sure we all have many doubts and fears, but we can learn from them and turn them into our greatest strengths. I want to help all of you achieve your goals and become the Saints we are made to be. 

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